Monday, 15 July 2013

Yay Or Nay: Music


So there's this new meme hosted at What Orli Did that you should all  check out and take part in. It's really simple and quite fun!

Song 1 - Blurred Lines Robin Thicke

I DETEST this song and am unaware of how it made itself all the way to number one in the charts. The music in the background annoys me as well as the countless 'woos'. It just sounds too old-fashioned and the whole context of it just simply annoys me.

Song 2 - Everything has changed Taylor  Swift ft Ed Sheeran

I didn't like this song to begin with as it sort of bored me, but like Orli, I adored the video. I found it so sweet and adorable but I totally DON'T Taylor and Ed, it'd never work.

Song 3 - Bang
I do like this song, I don't love it but don't hate it either. I do agree that he repeats the word 'Bang' FAR too many times but I like the beat and rhythm of the whole song and love how Leah McFall from The Voice UK sang it with him.

Song 4 - Storm Song Phidel
I'd never heard this song before, but really like it. The girl's voice is incredibly calm and soothing and I admire the way she sings. It's not really my type of song but I love the tone.

Song 5 - Wild Jessie J ft Big Sean ft Dizzee Rascal
This is defintely not one of my favs by Jessie. It doesn't seem like the real her. And yes she should defo wear more clothes in the video! I like the Jessie that sang Price Tag and Nobody's Perfect but I enjoyed this song and I'm always singing the catchy chorus. So it's just about a 

Had fun doing that!
You should all try it!


Thursday, 11 July 2013

At a CRAFTING state...


At the moment I seem to be in what you could call 'A Crafting State'.
I have been creating, sewing and baking stuff and have decided to compile some pictures of what I've made to share with you!
Here goes:

 Tote Bag: Ok well firstly I made a tote bag. I bought a plain bag and scarps of fabric. I cut circles (CD size) out of the patterned fabric and sewed round the circle. After gathering the stitches together a flower like shape began to form. To finish I added a button and sewed around it to secure it onto the bag.

 Ring: For this a clear gem stone and ring mount are needed. On the gem stone you paint, using nail polish, a variety of different colours in a particular sort of pattern. So for this I made the base a purple colour and added black triangular stripes. There's also a glitter effect which, unfortunately, you can't see in the picture.

Happy Birthday Card: This is made as paper art with a butterfly effect. Using folded patterned paper cut out the shape of a butterfly (about six). Then stick one onto the card. For the rest of the butterfly shapes only stick on the left wing so the right wings all flutter upwards. You can then write a message.

Mouse Pin Cushion: This was by far the hardest to make. It took a really long time and was quite fiddly and complicated. I had to roll and sew a piece of fabric, stuff it and sew on ears and features. With ribbon I added on whiskers and a tail to create a pin cushion.

 Kitten Key Ring: For this felt fabric is needed. I cut out two cat shapes and sewed them together. I left a space and stuffed it. Then added features and designs. finally a ribbon was added so I could add a key ring chain.

Stamped Birthday Card: For this patterned paper could be cut in any manner preferred and stuck on card. I had a bumblebee stamp for this so stamped that onto a small square paper and coloured it in. But you can use whatever sort of stamp you please. Then add a quick message.

Fudge Truffles: This sort of failed but it tastes alright. 100g of white chocolate had to be melted and mixed with 5 tbsp of condensed milk and 1 tbsp of desiccated coconut. Also any flavour you like (I did strawberry). It then should be mixed and put in the fridge for 30mins to cool. Later you shape them into circle balls and put them back into the fridge. Volia!

So those were a few things I had made!

Have you made anything that you'd like to share?

Put a link in the comments! :)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013



I've compiled some of the best youtube videos for you all to have a good watch and hopefully enjoy!

So let's start with a song:                                                                                                                                            

This video is so cute, it actually really is, and I didn't think I'd hear those words come from my mouth!

Watch MarcusButlerTv
And Danisnotonfire (It;s his Birthday today)!
For girly stuff Zoella
For jokes Jenna Marbles
LOL JacksGap


And OMG The Voice Uk, Leah McFall HASSSSS TO WIN!!!
She has the best most unique voice everrr!
Below are all the songs she's sang so far:

Blind Audition



Quarter Finals 

And Attraction won BGT with this Final performance!!

This was their semi final act

And their audition (that was the best)!



It's been ages, I've been a complete DEAD blogger but I promise to keep up...they'll defo be at LEAST weekly posts...after June 19th!!!

But anyway I'm back and I'll be starting with a videos watch out for that in an hour or so...



Sunday, 3 March 2013



Me, Hikma and my sister Faghra have set up a blog called Readarama Reads.
On this blog we write about a book that we'll be reading every week, and updating on where we are in the book and about it every so often.

So even when I'm not posting here I should be posting over at Readarama Reads so check it out!

It'd be brilliant if you all joined Readarama as well, which is where it all started, maybe you can set up your own blog to!

I'd love it if you could all visit,


Monday, 18 February 2013

Eight Weird things about me...

8 WEIRD things about me:

  1. I have a phobia of FEET!! Seriously, I can’t stand it when people see my feet, when I see other people’s feet, pictures of feet, videos of feet, that SCARY advert full of feet. OMG! (Even the word though I wrote it quite a few times)!
  2. I’m never able to start a conversation without feeling awkward. So it makes people think I’m boring, but I’m not! It’s just that I never know what to speak about until the other person starts off a conversation.
  3. I sing everywhere EXCEPT in front of people. I can’t help it. I will try to never sing in front of my friends ESPECIALLY. I sing in my bedroom when everyone else is downstairs and sometimes at school when it just comes out but no other then that. (YES I DO SOMETIMES SING IN FRONT OF HIKMA)
  4. I love heights, the further up I am the better I feel. I really don’t understand why people are afraid of high places. Doesn’t it give you that rush of air and that feeling of being higher up then everyone else around you? No?
  5. I talk to myself in the mirror, there I said it. That is officially the first sign of madness isn’t it? But I’m not crazy I just do that when I’m extremely bored and I’m supposed to be studying…
  6. I enjoy running, maybe that’s not weird, but I was finding it hard to think of another one. I can’t help but run across a road and then start walking normally again. Or run round the corner and then walk normally again. I really don’t even understand why I do that!
  7. I’ll pick something out of my cupboard to wear for non-uniform day the day before and make my Mum iron it. Then the next morning realise I don’t actually want to wear those clothes after all…
  8. Apparently I forgive people to easily. I never used to, I got angry all the time and could hold a grudge for ages. But now I still sorta get angry (but that’s normal) but not mentioning any names *Hikma* thinks I forgive and forget FAR too easily……

Well that’s all and thanks for this BRILLIANT meme Orli. Can’t wait for the next one!

Shakira! :D


Saturday, 2 February 2013


Well there's been a few friend related incidents at school, and I just wanted to use this post to explain how important real friends really are:

There's always those friends whom you think will always be there for you. No matter what happens they'll always stick by you. Through your ups and downs there'll be there congratulating or comforting you. Those friends that you'll have mini-fights with but always end up becoming close friends again. Those friends that know your a person they can trust and have every faith that you can keep their secrets.You'll probably have the same likes and dislikes, similar music tastes, similar personality's. That's what makes your best friend your best friend.

But then something happens that changes all of that. You slowly start drifting apart. You get new friends they get new friends. They have new interests, you think you haven't changed, but you have. True they still comfort you when you're feeling down but you don't feel comforted anymore. They can't seem to be able to trust you and you can't trust them. However much you want to tell them something, you're scared, scared that they may tell someone or scared that they won't even care.

These things happen. Just remember sometimes when you tell each other 'I'll always be there for you.' you may have both had different definitions of 'always'.

But sometimes you may think it's your fault that your friend isn't hanging around with you as much as they did before. It probably isn't. People change, it's what life is. I know it's a sad time. Your friend could be feeling the same way as you. Because it's not just them that change you change to.

But of course some friends stay with you whatever the circumstances, so I'm not basing this on everyone, just those with situations like this.

But the hardest things are:
You realize what a truly painful goodbye it was, not full explained, not fully said.
When they turn around and look at you, say nothing, as if the time you were friends never even happened...

But remember try not to be mean to your used to be friend. It's alright to be angry but not full frontal 'I AM NEVER GONNA FORGIVE YOU' mode. Don't think about revenge. Even if you think they treated you like a toy, picked you up and dropped you as soon as newer ones came out. Respect each other, you may not be close friends anymore but you must realise you once were and you must never ever forget those crazily wonderful times you had...

I just wanted to share a few quotes with you:

'Friendship is like glass, once broken, it's never the same.'

'A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to forget.'

Take out the picture blow off the dust. Take off the frame it's starting to rust. Remember the times we had together. What happened to being Best Friends Forever.

And just a quote to two particular people, you know who you are:

'Friends always buy you food. Best friends always eat your food.'

but don't ever think: